The Technical Experts


TAG Aviation Engineering (TAE) provides world-class maintenance and cleaning services at either of our permanent base stations in Hong Kong and Macau or across the APAC region with Mobile Repair Party teams. Our primary line stations are dedicated to providing clients a wide range of maintenance, technical, and cleaning services at the highest standards, directly on our bases or wherever an aircraft needs assistance. Be part of a world-class team, and start your TAG journey with TAE.


  • Perform and certify AOG, routine, scheduled, AD, SB, and unscheduled maintenance, servicing, ensuring that all maintenance is performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance and repair instructions, the applicable regulatory regulations, company manuals, policies and procedures. Work performed may be under personal license, validation, or TAG Aviation Asia 145
  • Maintenance control responsibility for the aircraft
  • Outstation support of the aircraft as required
  • Coordination and supervision of the required maintenance with our vendors
  • Financial oversight and monitoring with respect to the maintenance of the aircraft
  • Additional duties as directed by the TAG Aviation Asia Director of Maintenance, Client Aviation Manager, and CEO




  • FAA A & P, EASA B1 license (or equivalent) a prerequisite
  • Gulfstream 650ER rating is preferable
  • Minimum 5 years hands-on experience in corporate aircraft maintenance
  • Minimum 3 years hands-on experience on Gulfstream series aircraft