With over 50 years of experience, TAG is a leading aircraft management company offering expertise and bespoke solutions ensuring the best in private jet management services.



We come from a family run Swiss heritage business you can trust.  True to our word and with Swiss precision and Technique d’Avant Garde running through our DNA, we are true aviators associated with quality and proven best in class.  We are passionate to find the right solutions for all of our clients and we genuinely look to support them by making every detail count.  We invest in building relationships and are proud of our long-standing relationships.


With 11 offices based in Europe and Asia employing over 500 staff, managing over 80 aircraft, TAG truly have a global presence.  This helps owners as we leverage our global presence by identifying and engaging with trusted suppliers who align with TAG values and standards.  This will also lead to price advantages which flow directly through to the owner therefore reducing operating costs.  Also, as we are one of the world’s most established and largest charter suppliers with a trusted and reputable client base,  if an aircraft owner decided to offer their aircraft for charter, this would result in a better charter return for the owner.


We can honestly say that we have some of the best people in the industry.  From a dedicated crew to highly trained technical fleet managers and experienced worldwide fleet dispatchers, you can be rest assured that your aircraft will be in the best hands and ensuring compliance and safety at all times.

We can offer you the right people with the experience that matters.  We have seen every possible route and dealt with every possible situation which reduces surprises to our owners.  We plan ahead meticulously to make your experience seamless.

We are true professionals and passionate aviators who genuinely care whilst focussing on the details


TAG invite you to enjoy all the benefits of aircraft ownership, whilst leaving all the complex day-to-day operations to us. We are a leading global aircraft management company, proudly associated with operational excellence and safety, who can offer a tailored focus for the operation of your private jet.


Your TAG aircraft family consists of:

Client Aviation Manager (CAM)

Our CAM formula ensures that the aircraft and owner are always aided by the Lead Captain who oversees the daily operation of the aircraft and crew.

Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

From the aircraft’s entry into service and its ongoing operation, this highly experienced and resourceful individual oversees all crewing, technical, financial and operational needs.

Fleet Manager/Dedicated Engineer

This individual manages the maintenance schedule to fit your requirements whilst prioritising the operational schedule of the aircraft.

Dedicated Crew

Each aircraft has its own dedicated crew who only fly on your aircraft so you see the same faces each time you’re on board - resulting in excellent owner/crew relationships.  

Client Service Executive (CSE)

This team handles all trip related requests and questions. Liaising with your office to coordinate all flights in cooperation with the 24-hour Dispatch team, taking care of every aspect of trip planning and crew supervision, to satisfy all individual requirements.

Operations Team

The representatives with this team will coordinate all authority and regulatory procedures relating to the aircraft and crew to ensure compliance and safety are applicable at every stage. Our qualified dispatchers have an unrivalled knowledge of worldwide flight planning and extensive dispatch experience.



TAG makes no compromises in ensuring the safety of clients and their aircraft. We demand the highest levels of professionalism and operational discipline from all our employees.  An advanced Safety Management System (SMS) is used to manage and predict risks. 

As safety is one of the core values of TAG, we invest heavily into this vital area of aircraft management.



Choosing where to register your aircraft requires consideration of many aspects, such as tax implications, maintenance support, future re-sale value and operational considerations such as crew licensing.  Therefore, the choice of registry is an important decision just like your choice of operator.

TAG operate 4 commercial AOC’s : UK / Malta / San Marino / Grand Cayman

We can also manage other private registrations including Bermuda, The USA and Isle of Man.

Consult with our expert to get a customised solution for your private aircraft management needs.

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