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We ensure the most discerning clients travel confidently anywhere at any time with the SPIRIT of TAG.


Over 50 years of Heritage


For more than a half - century, we have gone above and beyond to deliver unparalleled service in the sky and on the ground. Every detail is handled with Swiss precision so you can travel efficiently and in comfort. We attend to every need with a highly personal touch so you feel understood and taken care of. We’re honest and open in everything we do to make sure you encounter no surprises, at least not the kind you don’t enjoy.


Brought to you by those as passionate as they are expert, our people make all the difference. We are Aviators bringing our knowledge, experience and expertise in every aspect of private aviation.



  • Safety

    Safety is paramount and we set the industry standard. We strive to maintain zero incidents and safely manage business operations through complying uncompromisingly and proactively with external and internal regulations.

  • Passion

    Passion is at the core of what we do. To entrust yourself to us is to be in the hands of people that work tirelessly to deliver above and beyond. We are all Aviators at heart, and each flight with TAG is a journey taken with care.

  • Integrity

    We promote a climate of operational transparency, ethics and trust, both internally and toward our external partners and clients. We take ownership of our services and deliver on our promises, uncompromisingly.

  • Respect

    Respect is the foundational rock to our business ethos and how we choose to treat others. This encompasses courtesy, fairness, and dignity, starting from within the organization and radiating outwards to include our partners and clients.

  • Innovation

    Our proactive commitment to seek continuous improvement means that we thrive on creativity and ingenuity, exploring different and innovative approaches to address the needs of our customers, employees and organization. We stay one step ahead so all you have to do is enjoy the journey.

  • Team

    Our strengths rely on our ability to create synergies and our capacity to collaborate with others to achieve joint objectives, promoting and supporting a diverse, yet unified team. With a global workforce spanning 25 nationalities and over 11 locations, our grounding ethos is in Team Spirit.

Quote I am extremely grateful for the kindness and assistance I received from Maud and Camille and I would also like to extend my thanks to my flight crew, nurse and everyone at TAG Aviation who were so helpful and supportive. Quote

Philippe Himus

TAG Customer

Quote Lovely crew and personal services. We really love the aircraft. I will definitely come back again. Quote

TAG Charter Client

Quote It’s such privilege to discover new destinations worldwide and now even after five years since I joined TAG I still get a sense of excitement every time I put on my uniform. Aviation is my passion and I could not imagine life without it. Quote

TAG Flight Attendant UK

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